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Society Among Professionals

Hyper Society Among Professionals s.r.l. is a reality that was founded in Florence (Italy) in 2013 by the initiative of some professionals of various disciplines with the intention of being able to address in a collaborative and synergistic problems related to the professions of engineer, architect, surveyor, geologist, lawyer, accountant and auditor.

One of the first STPs to be set up in Italy and the very first in Tuscany, Hyper STP is an inter-professional company registered within the Order of Engineers of the Province of Florence. Thanks to its rich and multidisciplinary heritage of skills and experience, combined with a dynamic team, Hyper STP offers professional design services in the fields of architecture, engineering and the environment, along with legal, tax and corporate consulting services.
The Company is settled in Tuscany and Lombardy. Through a flexible network of collaborators is able to operate on the whole national and international territory.

Who we contact

Hyper STP is a professional partner for Administrations and Public Authorities, Private and Institutional Investors, Non-profit organizations and social cooperatives, Commercial, Service Companies, Professionals and Universities.

Our team

Hyper STP is made up of a team of professionals who carry out their work with enthusiasm and passion.

The different experience and professionalism within the group, allow us to offer diversified and innovative solutions to meet every need and allowing our customers to achieve the best results. Our team consists of 23 partners: nine engineers, five architects, a geologist, four surveyors, two lawyers and two accountants. We also work with more than twenty external professionals.


Our services

Technical and economic legal professionals together to offer customers a complete turnkey service



For any information you can contact us by filling in the form or using the contact details below

Via Fra’ Domenico Buonvicini, 21
50132 Florence, Italy

+39 055 578486