A reverse Italian dream

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Not a real American dream, but the desire to export culture and make its history and materials known. An all-Italian passion, showing the world its boundless beauty.

With this enthusiasm in 2017 Stefano and Francesco, partners of Hyper STP, in collaboration with Alessandro (a Florentine by birth and Californian by love), begin a real journey to discover the territory, the uses and customs of Northern California, south of the city of the people of Our Lady of the Angels (Los Angeles), the so-called Orange County, discovering their similarities to the Tuscan ones.

IDEA STP Showroom in California

A landscape view of the Val d’Orcia, province of Siena, in Tuscany

The landscape, the wine culture and the mild climate are three of the characteristics that bind Orange County to Tuscany. Since the time of ancient Etruria, Tuscany has been the stage for the perfect mix of these three aspects, which have also supported the passion for art and beauty, which have shaped its cities and its landscapes. And it is precisely this thousand-year-old culture that Hyper STP intends to transport to the USA – through the use of materials, colours, lines and stylistic features of Tuscan and especially Florentine buildings – in order to reach overseas lovers with Italian arts and techniques.

The company has established relationships with Florentine and Tuscan artisans and entrepreneurs in order to bring not only Italian taste and style into the design, but also in the use of authentic materials and unique and innovative crafts. In the next article we will tell in detail our partners in this adventure.

logo di IDEA Super Tuscan Projects

Logo di IDEA – STP

Hyper STP is therefore pleased to present

IDEA (Italian │ Design │ Engineering │ Architecture) Super Tuscan Projects

IDEA – which is the acronym that encompasses the purpose of the company t to pursue its goals in a synergistic way through a dynamic collaboration of several professionals, such as Architects and Engineers – is one of the few words that have the same meaning in both Italian and English and is therefore a perfect example of Hyper’s proactive spirit.

Super Tuscan Projects is linked not only to the initials STP (Società Tra Professionisti) of the Italian promoter, but also to the most famous selection of Tuscan fine wines, of which Stefano is an expert lover and enthusiast.

The American company representing Hyper STP in the USA which will soon open its headquarters in Laguna Hills, Orange County.

Follow us for news on the upcoming opening!

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Preview dell’ingresso dello Showroom sede di IDEA-STP, 27071 #126 Cabot Rd. 92653  CA Laguna Hills

California Beach pic from Pixabay – Public Co

Arch. Sara Basile

Nicoletta Sadun

Sara Basile

Giovanna Padellaro

Marco Biagiotti