Project Description


The Bondi Loggetta is a renaissance style monument located in the Garden of Horticulture in Florence, founded in 1859 by the Tuscan Society of Horticulture.

In 1911 the garden was the scene of a major international exhibition of floriculture for the celebrations promoted by the City of Florence of the fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy. On that occasion important changes were made, with a part of them still preserved today. For example, the flyover on the railway, the enlargement of the avenue of access, the decoration of the gate with banners and the construction of the Bondi Loggetta designed by the architect Giuseppe Castellucci by the Manufacture of Signa, a historic pottery workshop of terracotta, created in 1895 at the behest of Camillo Bondi.

Over the years the loggetta has suffered damages from neglect and even vandalism, finally the City of Florence has raised the funds to carry out the restoration and consolidation that was carried out in the years 2004-2005. The project was realized by the architects Claudio Cestelli and Carlo Francini of the cultural direction of the Municipality of Florence and the H&S Services during the design phase and during construction made by engineer Giuseppe Padellaro of Hyper STP.


Services provided: H&S Services during the design phase and during construction
Client: Municipality of Florence – Fine Arts Technical Service
Year: 2003 – 2005
Works amount: € 299.545,00
Location: Horticultural Garden – Florence – Italy

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