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Intervention description: In 2014, the Civil Protection, through the Consip, announces a tender for the supply, transportation and assembly of Emergency Housing Solution (S.A.E.) units. The purpose of the tender was to define a ranking list of suppliers available to the Civil Protection in case of disasters. Hyper STP, participates together with the Consorzio Arcale reaching second place in the ranking.

FBetween the summer and autumn of 2016, after the earthquake that strikes Central Italy, entire Provinces remained largely isolated or uninhabited. The Italian state initiative was to bring the inhabitants back to their native places as soon as possible, allowing them to recover their territory and areas.

The S.A.E. are ecological wooden houses, pre-fabricated, with low environmental impact and able to be assembled in a very short time.

They are built on a human scale, according to the logic of minimum spaces, identifying three typological sizes: S.A.E.40, S.A.E.60 and S.A.E.80. The individual housing units can be grouped together in different ways, depending on the context in which they are located.

The specific request for pre-fabricated, anti-seismic and also easily disassembled units has brought to the choice of wood with Platform Frame technology. They have been designed on the basis of the action features defined in the Special Tender Specification for a generic location in central Italy, characterised by the highest values of main fundamental actions (such as the earthquake and the wind action).

The choice of Platform Frame technology allows, on one hand, to contain the construction costs; and on the other hand, it allows more easily to carry out traditional finishes with important thermal insulation features. The foundations of the structures are of the stalls type. For these too, it was decided to follow a “modular” design that did not take into account the specific characteristics of the construction site.

Amounts executive design S.A.E. units:

Structures, Point infrastructure works (wooden structures): € 37,924,073.06

Mechanical fluidised systems for buildings (water and sanitation): € 2,930,900.26

Mechanical fluidised plant for buildings (thermal plant): € 7,371,658.23

Electrical and special installations for buildings: € 4,618,388.29

Residential buildings: € 31,707,011.91


Service provided: Executive Design of architectural, structural and MEP works, H&S Services during the design phase 
Client: Consorzio Arcale for CONSIP
Year: 2014 – 2018
Works amount: € 88.815.159,40
Location: Marche e Lazio Regions – Italy

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