Project Description


Following the disastrous seismic events of 24th August 2016, 26 October and specially 30th October 2016, Municipality of Camerino identifies, near the town centre, the areas of “Le Cortine”, San Paolo and Vallicelle, for the construction of Emergency Housing Solution units (S.A.E) awaiting for the reconstruction of the historic centre and its suburbs.
The area of “Le Cortine”, with a very extended surface, is located in the northern area of the main town, positioned at north and downstream of Ottaviani street.
A new road of 7.5 metres wide has been built inside the area, with double circulation, crossing the entire lot transversely from East to West, redesigning the spaces and available as a link between the SP. 256 Muccese and Ottaviani street. The road edges are entirely bordered by trees and parking spaces. This kind of design element is not only an “attractive” element, but also has an important function as an element of union at a pedestrian level between the central part of the area and the connections serving the home units. Along the driveway/pedestrian axis that cross the area, thus, there are the areas destined for the S.A.E units. and, for each of them, the area for public green areas, play areas and relaxation areas.


Services provided: Executive design
Client: Marche Region
Year: 2017
Works amount:€ 536.448,25
Location: Camerino – Macerata – Italy

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