Project Description


Refurbishment of the building by renovating the structural elements of the floors, creating external roofs and an energy requalification with a new heating systems. Before that, building was in a complete state of decay with the decks completely deteriorated. After years of neglect, the intervention given new life to the building load-bearing structures of the floors and roof and revived and consolidated the load-bearing walls with the insertion of new load-bearing walls also. The intervention aimed to recover the static safety conditions, has brought finally to a new building with valuable features. New heating systems have been created using electric heat pumps powered by photovoltaic panels.


Services provided: Design and Supervision of structural and energy plant works, structural testing, H&S Services during the design phase and during constructions
Client: Private
Year: 2013 – 2017
Structural works amount: € 800.000,00
Location: Monteverdi Marittimo – Pisa – Italy

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