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Intervention description: In 2014, the Civil Protection, through the Consip, announces a tender for the supply, transportation and assembly of Emergency Housing Solution (S.A.E.) units. The purpose of the tender was to define a ranking list of suppliers available to the Civil Protection in case of disasters. The S.A.E. project, which had already reached an executive level during the competition phase, also involved structures in elevation. In addition to the structural works connected with the execution of the emergency home units, Hyper STP carried out the design of slopes consolidation works, which were preparatory to the urbanisation of the areas. The territory of the Marche and the Lazio region, already marked by the seismic event with wounds also on the existing building heritage, has denounced some critical issues also in the contexts of slopes in the areas that the municipalities in concert with the civil protection are identified to accommodate the new emergency units. Consolidation works were therefore designed using pile bulkheads with reinforced concrete kerbstones, with applications in some cases of active anchoring rods to one or more orders. When the geological depths did not permit large diameter drilling, micropile techniques and roto-percussion were used. The planned works have therefore served to protect the earthworks necessary for the new urbanization but also to protect them from landslide movements in progress or potential. Geological-geo-technical investigations were carried out which, in addition to characterising the site seismically, also made it possible to identify the slopes layers to be protected and supported.


Services provided: Structural design
Client: Civil Protection Department
Year: 2016 – 2018
Structural works amount: € 44.424.775,45
Location: Marche and Lazio Regions – Italy

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