Project Description


Following the disastrous seismic events of 24th August 2016, 26 October and specially 30th October 2016, the Municipality of Camerino identifies, near the town centre, the areas of “Le Cortine”, San Paolo and Vallicelle, for the construction of Emergency Housing Solution units (S.A.E) awaiting for the reconstruction of the historic centre and its suburbs.
The design of the San Paolo road is necessary in order to fully implement the intervention of the settlement of no.30 S.A.E. units at the hamlet of “San Paolo- Ottaviani street”. Thus, the Marche Region, in agreement with the Municipality of Camerino, sets the objective looking for effectively connect the new area to the existing municipal road network.
The new road system involves the construction of an urban F-type road with two directions of travel and side pavements. A cycle/pedestrian path runs alongside the urban road from the S.A.E. area. up to Ottaviani street so as to be able to connect the area under examination with that of “Le Cortine”.


Services provided: Executive design
Client: Marche Region
Year: 2017
Works amount: € 1.159.962,61
Location: Camerino – Macerata – Italy

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