Project Description


The task, which was entrusted directly by the Administrative Director of the University of Florence, consisted of ascertaining and controlling the construction of the new buildings constituting the Social Sciences centre, in the former Fiat company area at Florence.

Client of works: Immobiliare Novoli SpA
Architectural project: Adolfo Natalini/Fabrizio Natalini – Natalini Architetti
General project and L.D.Fiatengineering SpA
Gross useful area 38.500 sqm.

The disused industrial area of former Fiat company in Novoli has been entirely redeveloped according to Leon Krier’s Master Plan with the creation of the Faculties of Economics and Commerce, Law, Political Science and the interfaculty Library of the University of Florence. From the small square on the corner between Forlanini and Guidoni streets, the new avenue of the university develops, along which we find the buildings of presidencies, of didactics, of research, of student centre, of the secretariats, up to the one of the library with the book tower.
In this role, Eng. Giuseppe Padellaro performed the function of assessment and control on behalf of the University of Florence of the first buildings that were built: D1, D4, D5, D6, D10, D14 and D15.

Subsequently, the University of Florence, after having entrusted the task of verification in the course of work described above, has entrusted the professional task of technical testing concerning electrical systems, lighting and special systems as well as plumbing, fire fighting and air conditioning installed in buildings D1, D4, D5, D6, D10, D14, D15 acquired by the University of Florence from Immobiliare Novoli SpA and constituting the “Social sciences centre” in Novoli (Florence). The Testing Commission was chaired by Eng. Giuseppe Padellaro, assisted by Mr. Leopoldo D’Inzeo for the part relating to electrical systems and by Mr. Mario Fascetti for mechanical systems.


Services provided: Assessment and control during work, Chairman of the Plant Testing Commission
Client: University of Florence
Year:1997 – 2003 and 2003 – 2008
Works amount: € 100.678.011,00
Location: Florence – Italy

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