The process of obtaining certification

For the second consecutive year, Hyper STP has obtained the certification of the Quality Management System regulated by L. UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, for “Design activities, works management, testing, monitoring and safety coordination in infrastructure engineering, design architectural – town planning, structural design, topography, plant engineering (IAF: 34) “.

The obtaining process, started in 2018 with a survey and an examination by a consultancy company that is following the growth and development of Hyper, was an opportunity for growth and advancement. The certification body chosen is DNV GL, which aims at the continuous improvement of the entities it certifies. The sought-after approach, in fact, is centered not only on obtaining the certification (rewarding requirement in some public tenders) but above all in examining the risks and potential of the company, with a view to planning and development, which allows to highlight the strengths and areas for improvement, track priorities and act accordingly to move the offered services’ quality bar higher and higher.

The Quality Management System is concerned of every single operation that is performed within the company, from the nomenclature of the data to the methods of carrying out the services. It is a slow and constantly evolving process, modulated and calibrated on the purposes of the company itself. Successful certification is not possible without a broad sharing of the improvement process, which, starting from the head, must reach any body part of the company.

The Certification has allowed Hyper to grow in its management mechanisms and will constitute an upgrade in the quality of the services offered from Hyper’s associates for their clients.

Ing. Francesca Padellaro, SGQ Hyper STP manager
Arch. Sara Basile, assistant manager of SGQ Hyper STP

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Sara Basile

Giovanna Padellaro

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