Hyper STP, thanks to its multidisciplinary skills, provide complete professional services to project several types of infrastructure, covering the entire process, since surveys to the project financing, including structural projects.


Hyper STP can provide 360° technical support for the construction of road infrastructure, from the topographic survey of the area of interest, up to the structural design of the road, including the intersection and under-crossing of other roads.

In the specific area of road infrastructure, our team offers services to:

  • Survey with APR system (drone)
  • Geological and geophysical studies
  • City planning
  • Structural calculation and design of the road lay-out and road networks
  • Design of interventions on networks of interfering services (canals, power lines, water and gas networks)
  • Environmental and noise impact assessments


Hyper STP, in addition to the design of hydraulic works for the reclamation and mitigation of hydraulic risk, has gained considerable know-how and knowledge, in the design of water distribution networks, wastewater and rainwater networks.

Even In this sectors our team offer a complete professional service for the project, the construction supervision and the testing of waterworks and sewer system, with a focus on:

  • Mapping of waterworks and wastewater networks. Survey of water treatment plants
  • Monitoring flow and pressure, identification of consumption patterns
  • Modelling of water and wastewater networks, identification of cyclic behaviours
  • Executive design of all structures and systems (tanks, lifts, control units)


Hyper STP pays attention, in the design of water treatment plants, to the use of innovative technologies, favouring the use of less energy-intensive technologies with modest maintenance needs.

In this sector our team provides a complete professional service for the project, the construction supervision and the plants’ trial, with a focus on:

  • Wastewater pollutant assessment
  • Definition of the process plan
  • Optimisation of sludge treatment