In the team of Hyper STP some professional partners have developed specialized skills in the design of buildings and wooden artefacts.

In projects with wooden load bearing structure, the choice of structural type is a guarantee of quality and design autonomy: laminated beams, XLAM load bearing panels, load bearing panels with frame or timber frame.
The wooden structures, suitably designed, guarantee lightness combined with high anti-seismic performances, energy saving and excellent fire resistance; considering also fast realisation and competitive construction costs.

There are many designs carried out with wooden structures in our experience both in the recovery of existing buildings with consolidation of wooden floors that in new constructions for extensions or new buildings .

Among the realizations we include timber frame buildings with lime hemp infill, buildings with XLAM load bearing panel structures and the realization of prefabricated structures to be assembled on site (Emergency Housing Solutions in the Marche and Lazio regions for the earthquake event of 2016).


Operating in Italy and Tuscany particularly, the members of Hyper STP have always been involved in the design and construction management of buildings and anti-seismic constructions according to the regulations/standards in force in our country. These projects are carried out both for new buildings and for the recovery and adaptation of existing buildings too.

Design and management of works in seismic areas, together with the proper accordance in regulations, are carried out through the high definition of construction details and control of building materials.

Our team has developed important experience in the field of seismic vulnerability, seismic upgrading and improvement, structural recovery and restoration for both reinforced concrete and load bearing masonry buildings, including historical buildings of civil and religious type (civic buildings, churches, cemeteries) and public buildings and infrastructure (schools, streets, dams).