Quality System Certification

Quality Business Policy

Hyper Company Among professionals S.r.l. is a reality born in Florence in 2013 from the initiative of some Professionals of various disciplines with the aim of being able to deal in a collaborative and synergistic way with problems related to the profession of engineer, architect, surveyor, geologist, lawyer, accountant and auditor.

Hyper STP engages in the adoption of a Quality Management System according to the indications of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard to improve the quality of the service provided to Customers, to adopt standards for the provision of services shared among all Professionals and to improve the quality of work among Members, Employees and Collaborators. Members, Employees and Collaborators are required to comply with the requirements of the Quality System Manual and the procedures referred to in the execution of the activities.The Quality Management System intends to meet the needs of:

  • Members, Collaborators and Employees;
  • Customers, such as administrations and public bodies, private and institutional investors, non-profit organizations and social cooperatives, commercial companies, service companies, professionals and universities;
  • Reference economic environment for the activities carried out.

The adoption of a Quality System confirms the commitment to improve its services, with the strategic goal of providing its customers with a service that, on the one hand, is implemented with innovative solutions and in step with the times and, from the other, it guarantees reliability and safety over time.

To this end Hyper STP undertakes to pursue:

  1. Customer satisfaction through the creation of quality services;
  2. the development of transparent commercial relationships with its customers, also through the indication in the contractual phase of the professionals appointed to perform specific services;
  3. compliance with current legislation on building and urban planning, as well as sector technical regulations and agreed contractual clauses;
  4. the development of human resources and the professionalism and competence of its personnel, in the enhancement of the multidisciplinary nature that constitutes one of the peculiarities of the Company among Professionals.

The Company Policy is implemented through the definition of a management system containing the activities and responsibilities for quality. The Management undertakes to systematically verify the Quality Policy and to promote continuous improvement of the entire Management System.

The Policy is defined and verified systematically in the context of the Management Review and communicated to all the personnel involved, as well as to all the subjects involved in the Hyper STP activity.

This policy is available on the website www.hyperstp.it

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