Hyper STP aims to support the customer by offering customized solutions based on specific needs and aimed in creating value, according to regulations and professional ethics.

  • Consulting and corporate assistance
    Choice of corporate form, constitution, drafting of statutes, social and shareholders’ agreements. Extraordinary operations.
  • Administrative, accounting and budget management consultancy
    Ordinary and simplified accounting. Advice and assistance in drafting financial and interim financial statements. Preparation of budgets and business plans. Budget analysis.
  • Expert consulting
    Expert assessments and technical advice. Estimating reports and evaluations of companies and social investments.
  • Tax and fiscal consultancy
    Elaboration of tax declarations and obligations. Assistance with the financial administration relations. Advice and assistance in tax litigation.
  • Specialized areas
    Taxation of Local Authorities. Civil and fiscal discipline of the cooperation sector and of the Institutions of the service sector.


Hyper STP offers judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance in the Administrative, Civil and Commercial, Labour and Tax fields, looking for a personalized solution to the customer’s needs and expectations.

  • Administrative Law
    Defence before the Administrative Courts of 1st and 2nd degree. Extra-judicial assistance and consultancy in particular with the Public Administration contracts. Building and Urban Planning.
  • Civil and Commercial Law
    Legal and extrajudicial assistance in contractual matters, personal damages, corporate damages
  • Labor Law
    Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the civil service.
  • Tax Law
    Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in matters of Local Taxes, Customs Duties, Direct and Indirect Taxes, in teams with commercial companies.