Hyper STP thanks to professionals with a lot of experience in the sector, it can support concessionary and managing agencies in all the technical and regulatory aspects of Water Management, with reference to the efficiency of water systems.


Hyper STP, has carried out and performs studies on the improvement of wells and water wellfields, with the verification of the hydrogeological parameters of the aquifer and the efficiency state of the collection works, including the execution and evaluation of geophysical log, with activities such as:

  • Flow and level measurement of the SDT (Step Drawdown Test) type
  • Wells video inspection
  • Evaluation of qualitative parameters
  • Well rehabilitation project


Hyper STP provides a 360 degrees technical support service for the efficiency of water systems, with regard to the efficiency of water networks.

Our team can cover the full range of services necessary for the reduction of NRW (Non Revenue Water) or:

  • Mapping of water networks
  • Monitoring of flow rates and pressures
  • Hydraulic modeling of water and sewage networks
  • Design of Measurement Districts
  • Advance Pressure Management
  • Search for losses

In this context, Hyper STP is partner of the AQUA HUB project –  


Hyper STP provides technical services for the management of large dams, through the collection, processing and presentation of all the technical data for the control and monitoring of the structural and engineer plant behaviour of the dams.

The significant competence in the technical management of large reservoirs and in the application of specific national and regional technical regulations, makes Hyper STP an ideal partner able to support Concessionaires and Managers in a lot of tasks required during the operation and maintenance of large dams as well as in the drafting of seismic verifications and Management Projects.

Main services proposed:

  • Verification of the behaviour of the works based on the specific monitoring data
  • Verification of the management procedures of the works according to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Maintenance and in Civil Protection Document
  • Issuing of all the periodic documents to be sent to the control units of the works, such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Directorate General for Dams and Electric Infrastructure and the local administrative authorities
  • Issuing of adaptation and maintenance projects to be produced following the instructions of the control units
  • Issuing of the Project for the Management of reservoirs and related Operational Maintenance Plans