Hyper STP deals with the design and management of architectural, structural and plant engineering works in the field of commercial, industrial, educational and religious buildings.

The society has an extensive experience in supporting activity to the responsible for the administrative procedure and in the assessment and checking of important projects in the city area, such as the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and the Polo delle Scienze Sociali in Novoli.

Some projects:

  • Design and Works Management of the structures such as Galluzzo Superstore in Florence, the Le Torri Shopping Centre in Cintoia, the Gignoro Shopping Centre in Florence
  • New building for laboratories of the scientific and technological centre of Sesto Fiorentino (Florence)
  • Executive design and works management of the electrical and mechanical systems of the Maliseti Middle School (Prato)
  • Seismic improvement works and consolidation of the Puccini Asylum in Pistoia
  • Project of a building destined to new parish rooms of Santa Maria in Coverciano (Florence)
  • Completion and finishing work in the Monumental Cemetery of S. Maria dell’Antella 
  • Adaptation and optimization of selection and composing plant of the Case Passerini