Hyper STP faces the problem of the slope consolidation both in the urban area – for the protection of the historical and artistic heritage of buildings – and in the infrastructural field – for the maintenance of the functionality of many urban and extra-urban roads sections.

The design solution is always the result of careful analysis of the geological-geotechnical situation of the slopes, with detailed analysis also of anthropogenic type, analysing the effects of landslides in the urban and building context. From the geological study side, we always look for confirmations on field, investigating the state of the places and looking for correspondences between causes (geological) and effects (deformations, fractures).

The solutions adopted are many and try to limit as much as possible the environmental impact with the planned works:

  • Drilled piles or micropiles, creating permanent and provisional bulkheads often supported by active and/or passive steel tie rods
  • Stone gabion walls with wire mesh
  • Reinforced or reinforced ground with subsequent slope greening
  • Wooden piling to counteract surface erosion phenomena by facilitating the slope greening
  • Retaining walls in reinforced concrete
  • Dry retaining walls

Main services proposed:

  • Design and management of consolidation works to protect slopes with the presence of urban aggregates
  • Design of slope consolidation works with the presence of single buildings also of historical-artistic character
  • Design and management of consolidation works on the upstream slopes of publics roads