Project Description


The barrier is located on the small torrent Borro di San Michele, a sub-affluent on the right of the Greve River, located in the province of Florence in the municipality of Greve in Chianti and in detail on the high ground of Monte San Michele. This is a homogeneous earth dam with a waterproof covering, a slightly curved planimetric course, resulting in a reservoir for recreational use and fire-fighting reserve with a total capacity of approximately 4.000 m3 of water. Hyper STP was in charge of the testing activities in progress for the works carried out on the basis of the approved project, which involved the extraordinary maintenance of the barrier, previously affected by a collapse of a part of the crown that compromised its overall stability and hydraulic safety. Therefore, part of the embankment constituting the dam, namely the central area, was to be reconstructed, eliminating the mobilised material and raising the entire crowning plan in order to comply with the imposed 1,50 m franc. In addition, the bottom of the reservoir was to be completely waterproofed, extending it for the entire submerged part of the upstream facing, and the organs of discharge were to be completely remade, both surface and bottom.


Services provided: Testing
Client: Municipality of Greve in Chianti
Year: 2010
Location: Greve in Chianti – Florence – Italy

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